LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE) - prestigious training in Ukraine

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SARGOI expresses our sincere gratitude to Pearson and Dinternal for organizing a 4-day teacher training course with Philip Warwick, a highly committed and dedicated Business English trainer, and Daniel Broomfield, an experienced teacher and teacher trainer.

About the course:

LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE) allows qualified General English teachers to gain a specialist qualification in teaching English for business purposes. Designed to broaden teachers' management skills as well as their understanding of business practice, processes and procedures, it prepares them to teach the growing number of learners who aspire to use English in a professional, business context.

It is the third time when a group of lucky teachers from all over Ukraine could join the internationally-recognised FTBE teacher training course.

About trainers:

Philip Warwick, an experienced international Business English trainer who has worked on three different continents and managed large-scale projects in Georgia and Great Britain. Originally from the UK, Philip is now based in Brno in the Czech Republic.

Daniel Broomfield, an experienced EFL teacher and teacher trainer who obtained his FTBE qualification in 2016. Daniel has taught in the UK, France and Italy as well as managing Business English courses here in Kyiv.

About overall content:

FTBE helps teachers to better understand different segments of teaching Business English such as Business Correspondence and Business Concepts to Business Skills and Simulations, Skills Assessment, Needs and Analysis, Syllabus Design and Assessment, Authentic Materials and How to Find and Use them, Business Grammar and Vocabulary, Cultural Awareness, Lesson Planning, Exam Preparation, and many others.

Valuable ideas:

Have you ever thought about the difference between a teacher, a trainer, a coach, and a consultant?

Here are some simple but great ideas for you to keep in mind:

Within the business English a lot of teachers call themselves trainers, coaches, or even consultants. What's the difference?

  • A teacher is traditionally seen as someone whose task is to educate someone so that they can have more chances in succeeding in life.
  • A trainer, on the other hand is someone who is required to change person's behavior or an ability so that they could do a specific job. Training is job-oriented while teaching is person-oriented.
  • Teacher as a coach: A coach is someone who can help a learner take advantage of the learning opportunities in their own learning environment. It involves helping the learner to better understand his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and plan accordingly.
  • Teacher as a consultant: A consultant is an expert who is brought in because his or her skills or know-how is not available in the organization. In business English, the term can cover a wide area; it may include the ability to analyze communication and communications needs, it may require the teacher to recommend a training supplier, or it may involve the teacher negotiating with a number of hotels to choose the best location for a course, for example. Many freelancer teachers operate as consultants; they market themselves in order to gain access to a potential client, they discuss contracts, carry out needs analysis, they evaluate training delivery and outcome.

Resources: "How to teach business English", by Evan Fresno

In the photos: Anastasiya Rybak, the course trainers, and other peers during the training time







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