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Testimonials TKT in KP

SARGOI expresses big gratitude to the participants of the intensive course “TKT Exam Preparation Course, Module 1” in Kamyanets-Podilsky Ivan Ohienko National University, June 25-30, 2018


“We should have known you earlier; you opened my eyes on many things. Wouldn’t you mind writing your book on teaching methods?”


“The best week of this academic year. Thank you for your understanding, support, energy and love! This training has given me more than 4-5 years of my study at the university. Thanks a lot. Waiting for other Modules!”


“At the end of this course, I can say that I am more confident about my professional life. I realized that teaching is what I like doing, and it is the field where I can see myself in the future,- doing my best, improving and creating something new. Thanks to you I realized how important self-reflection is and I try to do it every day. Also, before starting the TKT course with you, I had doubts whether teaching is what I want to do in life… Now I do not have any doubts. So thank you very much.”


“Feedback and self-reflection have become my daily routine though I had never paid attention to them before joining the course. Thank you so much because now I understand how important when we self-reflect and self-observe at the same time. I realize we must feel the time and use appropriate methods according to the time changes. It is so exciting to be gritty and live your life like it is a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you for this push on the way to my professional growth. You are an excellent professional.”


“I am looking forward to Module 2,3”


“After the TKT Exam Preparation course I feel really inspired by Anastasiya Rybak and I believe I`ll achieve great results in the future. I appreciate that “push” which showed me opportunities how to grow personally and professionally. Especially, I am grateful for our Friday seminar on “Life-Work Balance” where Anastasiya did not give us ready-to-use answers but got us to think a lot. And this is great! Thank you for everything!”


“Now I am inspired to continue working at my self-development as a teacher and as an individual. Thank you a lot for our interaction and conversations”


“I am fully content with everything. Thank you, Anastasiya Rybak! You are excellent in everything. Thanks!!!!!”


“Taking TKT Exam Preparation Course is very important to  me. I`ve got a lot. I`ve never been so inspired and motivated. Now I have a lot of things to think about. Thank you for everything.”


“I am grateful for the experience I had. I really enjoyed communication and interaction we had. We built each other, motivated, inspired and pushed each other. Community is a great power! Thank you, Anastasiya Rybak for lot of “Aha-moments” and the opportunity to sound more professional as well as feel more self-confident. Thank you!!!”


“My dear Anastasia! I`m really impressed by you. I`ve never met such a motivated person. You are not only a brilliant charming young woman, you have become a real friend for me. I have missed several classes but I hope  to see you in two months again… Good luck! Thank you!!!“

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