SARGOI: Dream big. Act now.

Our mission:


Our aims:

- we are dedicated to

helping people grow

personally, academically,

and professionally through

English and international experience.

- co-learning and co- developing

in a student- centred and action

- oriented environment


- connecting language education

and international experience


- being a global citizen


- love for life







- to improve the experience

of language learners by helping

them connect language education

and international experience


- to inspire teachers of English

and other foreign languages to

grow professionally and become

global citizens


- to develop learning- teaching

opportunities and offer tailored

training and support for those

working in the field of modern


At the heart of SARGOI educational environment is the concept of global citizenship and leadership which is closely connected with language learning. We are building a learner-centred and action-oriented environment where learners passing through the portals of SARGOI entrance benefit from:

- improving their experience of language learning


- connecting language learning with study abroad experience


- reaching their personal, professional and/ or academic goals through skills development


Not Only English


SARGOI empowers learners with the skills they need to survive in the world-to-come. SARGOI students gain an understanding of how to develop autonomy, which is closely related to intrinsic motivation, as well as learning to think creatively, independently, and globally.

Our educators understand that teaching is not just a job – it's a vocation, taken up by those who really care about making a difference to both individuals and society as a whole. At SARGOI we understand how vital teachers are. That is why we endeavour to spread our effective teaching strategies in the form of pre-service and in-service trainings to teachers of English and other foreign languages throughout Ukraine. These teaching strategies will keep learners entertained and motivated, while also providing them with the knowledge needed to succeed in language learning.

Our teachers are dedicated to implement a leaner-centred and action-oriented approach where they are happy to address individual learning needs and promote a peer and collaborative learning environment. They have international teaching qualifications TKT / CELTA or TEFL/TESL and teach in accordance with Cambridge Assessment English requirements and standards. By attending pre-service and in-service teacher training programs, and taking part in both national and international conferences, SARGOI educators enhance their sense of better learner engagement; and build bridges to mutual understanding among a learner and an educator.


SARGOI learners


At the age of 5-17 SARGOI younger students attend Speak & Go language school which is a part of SARGOI International Community. It is the place where they study twice or three times a week and endeavour to learn:

  • how to develop creative, independent, and global thinking through English
  • how to develop academic skills by preparing to take Cambridge English Assessment exams
  • how to use English working in a team by solving everyday challenges
  • how to connect education with international experience with the help of study abroad programs (normally during winter, spring or summer holidays).

At the age of 17+a learner joins SARGOI International Community which is designed to connect learning English or other foreign languages with international experience so that SARGOI lifelong students enhance their chances to develop personal, professional, or academic skills. SARGOI community unites people who share life-long learning values, as well as co-learning and co-development. They network, co-work, and even travel together.


Our Educational Philosophy


SARGOI is a community of learners and teachers who share the value of co-learning and co-development. We strongly believe that an effective learning environment is based on the following characteristics:

learners: learner-centeredness, learner well-being, motivation and a healthy attitude to learning, peer and collaborative learning, learning to learning (meta-cognition), international experience opportunities

teachers: formative assessment and feedback, pedagogy and language teaching techniques, focus on learners progress and learning, addressing individual learning needs, international experience opportunities

management: professional development, performance management, collaboration with other schools, communication with parents, curriculum leadership

We are confident that language learners benefit from interaction, exposure, and focus on form so we make sure all these elements are included into the learning environment which is created by the target language, without the use of translation. Our aim is to provide students with a comfortable, well equipped, clean and safe learning environment. 

All our teachers have the appropriate language teaching qualifications, but the school board also continues to motivate them to grow professionally. To do this, our teachers regularly attend professional development workshops or conferences, in-service trainings and peer-observations in order to affirm their professional growth. Through this continued self-development in their knowledge of the subject area, they motivate the learners to excel in the subject area as well.


SARGOI Teaching Standards


approach: student-centred and action-oriented, communicative with lots of peer interaction and group work;

before the lesson: learners meet and greet, tea and small talk, learn about ongoing community news and projects, read & discuss words/ phrases of the day, and register for SQTE (SARGOI Quality Time Events);

during the lesson: focus time activities; motivation time; no use of L1; opportunities for exposure, interaction, and focus on form; language skills-based lessons; task-based or project-based activities; can-do statements; formative assessment and feedback;

after the lesson: keep communicating in English; YOSE rule - you only speak English rule.

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Our Team

    Teachers at SARGOI International Community - are highly motivated, qualified by Cambridge exams professionals with experience in teaching foreign languages to children and adults both in Ukraine and abroad.

Anastasiya Rybak

Founder, CEO / DoS, teacher trainer

Anastasiya Rybak

Qualifications: CELTA, TKT, PMD Marketing

Andrey Melnyk

Executive Director,
SARGOI International Community

Andriy Melnyk

Joined SARGOI Team in 2010

Alina Gusak

Academic Manager at  SARGOI, International Community in Kyiv (Osokorky) and a teacher of English for children and adults

Qualifications: TKT

Anna Dyachenko

Academic Manager of SARGOI, International Community head office

anna diach2

Qualifications: TKT,CELTA

Tatiana Petrushchak

Teacher of French and English for kids and adults, SARGOI


Qualifications: TKT, CELTA

Nataliia Edynak

Teacher of English


Qualifications: TKT (3 Modules)

Inna Honchar

Young Learner Coordinator, teacher of English and Polish for children and adults

Qualifications: ТКТ

Yuliia Shvydka

Academic Manadger, teacher of English

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb


Tetiana Mamatova

Teacher of English

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: ТКТ

Elena Zborovskaya

Teacher of English for children and adults

Zborovskaya_170.jpg - 37.77 kb

QualificationsSARGOI Pre-service Teacher Training, TKT Module 1

Hanna Tarasova

Teacher of English and French for children and adults

Tarasova_170.jpg - 37.77 kb

QualificationsPre-service Teacher Training, TKT (1 Module)


Teacher of English for children

/Tarasova_170.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: Pre-service Teacher Training Course

Yana Hrushkovska

Teacher of English for children


Qualifications: S & G Pre-service Teacher Training, TKT (3 modules)

Chrystyna Prytula

Teacher of English for children

/Tarasova_170.jpg - 37.77 kb

QualificationsTKT Module 1, SARGOI Pre-service Teacher Training

Anastasia Ihnatieva

Teacher of English for children and adults

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: S&G Pre-service Teacher Training; TKT (1 модуль)

Kateryna Kuzmych

Teacher of English for children and adults

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: TKT Module 1, SARGOI Pre-service Teacher Training

Lidia Maksymchuk

Teacher of English for children and adults

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: S&G Pre-Service Teacher Training 2018

Yana Medvetska

Teacher of English for kids

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications: SARGOI Pre-service Teacher Training

Anna Haiduk

Teacher of English

julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb


Storozhuk Yuliia


julia_shvidka.jpg - 37.77 kb

Qualifications:Accounting and Tax, PhD




Ми з радістю чекаємо на наших майбутніх Клієнтів, а також всіх існуючих - тих, хто за роки існування компанії проявляє свою довіру якісному викладанню в SARGOI International Community.

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