Prices for classes in English, Italian and French in Kyiv, favorable conditions for English courses for children and adults from the SARGOI language school

Learning programs

English for adults


From 250 UAH/90 min.



Comprehensive programs based on Cambridge methodologies and other leading international programs

Mini groups 3-5 people / 6-10 people, classes twice a week.

We teach to think and communicate fluently in English from the first lesson

English for kids


From 225 UAH/90 min children from 2 years old
From 190 UAH/60 min children under 6 years old
From 245 UAH/90 min children from 6 years old

Mini groups 3-5 people / 6-10 people, classes twice a week.

We teach to think and communicate fluently in English from the first lesson

Development of logic, memory and creative thinking

Education abroad


Tourism and education from SARGOI



Holidays for schoolchildren Oxford, Elsmere, Young Leadership Programs

Language programs for adults: Italy, USA

Unique education in the USA

Intellectual tourism


Other foreign languages


From 295 UAH/90 min

Italian, French, Polish

Practice while traveling abroad

Language programs in Europe and USA


Individual sessions


From 420 UAH/60 min

Intensive English classes

Leadership development

Preparation and passing of  Cambridge exams for all levels


Teacher training

From 2100 UAH

Preparation and passing of TKT

Communicative teaching methods

Seminars in Englis

Practice abroad

Language programs in Europe, USA and Canada

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Learning foreign languages ​​with us is easy and affordable

In the modern world, it is quite difficult without knowing foreign languages. And nowadays this is no longer just a sign of erudition, but a factor that makes it easier to settle down, find an ideal job, feel free abroad.

Wouldn't you like your child to be able to read the best examples of literature in the original, watch films without translations, easily communicate with foreigners, and feel at home abroad, and not even guess what the language barrier is? It is for the sake of all this that many begin to learn English in adulthood, and they are excellent at it. Therefore, no matter how much you are, you should not think that it is too late to study. If you have come to our site, take it as the very "sign from above" that it is time to start what you have been thinking about for a long time!

Moreover, today the study of a foreign language can be carried out using a variety of methods. A choice of language courses in English, Italian, French, Polish of varying complexity. Someone more like group interactive lessons, someone chooses training in the form of individual lessons with our qualified teachers, and some are more suited to a tutor on the recommendation of friends. If your child does not like individual lessons in the classroom, you can be sure that the language camp will not only change his attitude towards learning, but will also help to improve his foreign language in a very short time. But if this format of training is not suitable, we will always help you choose the one that will be interesting and effective for you or your child personally.

Our services

Despite the fact that we are already a European-style school, one of the best in Ukraine, we continue to develop and expand our curriculum with new courses. For today the services of clients:

  • group courses of English and other foreign languages for adults;
  • language courses for children of different age groups;
  • education abroad;
  • excursion programs for the practice of foreign languages;
  • pre-training of teachers;
  • trainings;
  • preparation for the Cambridge exams and Owlipia.

And all this - at the best prices!

What affects the cost of courses?

While compiling various training programs, we made sure that the list of our services includes offers from different price segments. And one of the most common questions that future students ask us: what does the cost of education in our school depend on?

Let's say right away that our pricing principles differ from those that are used in other educational institutions. In particular, the cost of educational services in most schools, as a rule, is influenced by the form in which the education takes place, where, for how many students. For example, for competitors, the cost of 1 hour of an individual lesson with a tutor and a group lesson in English, Italian, French or Polish on Skype is usually very different, as well as the price of courses for adults and children, education in Kiev, internship abroad (say, in London), studying a foreign language at a language camp at home or abroad.

We apply a different principle. Firstly, we do not accept classes with tutors or via Skype, but we work on a special online platform.

Secondly, the cost of a course in our school directly depends on which teachers are involved. Many training programs are held with the participation of teachers from London, Cambridge, New York, Dubai.

In addition to the qualifications of the teacher, the level and richness of the program also affects the cost of education in our school. And they are compiled in accordance with international standards, due to which such study gives the maximum possible result.

How much does it cost to study at our school?

We are sure that in our school you will definitely be able to choose the best cost course for children or for yourself. And even better - come to study with us with the whole family! It is not only interesting, but also financially beneficial. After all, we have provided a unique system of discounts: the more family members attend our school, the cheaper the education costs.

Our prices are not higher than the cost of the services of an average English tutor, but at the same time the level of knowledge that SARGOI graduates receive is equal to studying in the best European schools.

Our goal is not just to sell an educational program, but to give our students real knowledge that they can use in practice for study, work and daily communication with foreigners. This is confirmed by our unique offer. If you or your child complete the training course by 80% or more, but at the same time get results below 60% during testing, you can take the same course again for free.

In order to become our student, come to us in Kiev or contact our regional offices, use the capabilities of the online platform, and we will help you choose a course or option for a language camp for a child, where foreign languages are taught for real!

Our Address

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32300, Kamianets-Podilsky, 21 V Hrushevskyi Avenue, 3 floor
33028 Rivne, Ukraine, 4/6, Slovakian street, office 244
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