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General English for kids and younger adults

English Learning Programs International Programs
September-January (1 st semester) February-May ( 2 nd semester)
KIDS (5-12) TEENS (13-17) KIDS & Teens
Starters Package (5-7 years old) ✓ Basic, Elementary (A1), ✓April – London Dream (a 7 day tailored trip around England)
✓ Movers Package (8-10 years old) ✓ Pre-intermediate(А2), ✓ May – Inspiring Children to Grow ( a 7 day tailored trip around Europe)
✓ Flyers Package (11-12 years old) ✓ Intermediate (B1),  
  ✓ Upper- intermediate (B2),  
  ✓ Advanced (C1)  
Summer Time
SARGOI Land summer camp SARGOI Land summer camp ✓July – British Experience (a 2 week trip to GB)
    ✓ August – Canadian Experience ( a 2 week trip to Canada)

SARGOI Calendar: Semester ONE: September-January

Semester TWO: February-June

Summer Semester (Optional Semester) July-August

From September to May SARGOI younger learners attend Speak & Go language school, which is a part of SARGOI International Community. It is the place they study twice or three times a week and where they learn:

  • How to develop creative, independent, and global thinking through English
  • How to develop academic skills by preparing to take Cambridge English Assessment exams
  • How to use English working in a team by solving everyday challenges
  • How to connect education with international experience with the help of study abroad programs (normally during winter, spring or summer holidays).

We ensure that all language course programs are specified by levels which refer to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and learning objectives are related to the global descriptors of CEFR levels.

Here are the top 5 reasons for your child to join Speak & Go language school:


1. Satisfied learners. 97% are satisfied with the overall quality of their language educational experience.

2. Interactive English speaking community. With us your child will learn to interact with other people in English, grow and reach life goals through English, travel and study abroad with the help of English.

3. International Reputation.We have ongoing international projects and we work closely with educational establishments in England, Canada, the USA, and Western Europe. All our teachers have internationally recognised qualifications, and we are honoured to be Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre.

4. Unique Programs.Language programs include elements of creative, independent, and global thinking development. At the heart of SARGOI educational environment is the concept of global citizenship and leadership which is closely connected with language learning. We are building an international student-centred community where we create opportunities for SARGOI learners to become global citizens.

5. Skills Development.We are growing up in challenging and fast-changing times where learners need to learn how to survive in the world-to- come. SARGOI learners gain an understanding of how to develop autonomy and think independently.



Why not join SARGOI today, and find out how your child can expand language development?


Our teachers understand that teaching is not just a job – it's a vocation, taken up by those who really care about making a difference to both individuals and society as a whole. At SARGOI we understand how vital teachers are. We are dedicated to implementing a leaner-centred and action-oriented approach where teachers are happy to address individual learning needs and promote a peer and collaborative learning environment. The teachers have international teaching qualifications such as TKT / CELTA or TEFL/TESL and teach in accordance with Cambridge Assessment English requirements and standards. By attending pre-service and in-service teacher training programs, and taking part in both national and international conferences, SARGOI educators enhance their sense of better learner engagement; and build bridges to mutual understanding among a learner and an educator.


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