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Anastasiya Rybak

Anastasiya Rybak
A native of Ukraine (Kamianets-Podilskyi), Anastasiya Rybak is a well-traveled professional who is always looking for ways to develop and grow professionally, to inspire people around her so they can express their brightest talents.
After her graduation from Kyiv Institute for the humanities (2002) and 6 years of teaching English in Kyiv state and private universities, Anastasiya realized she wanted to start an important project - a language school of English which can improve and change the quality of language education in Ukraine for better. Since then the little project Veni Vedi Vici has gradually turned into a language network Speak & Go and since 2016 has been newly presented as SARGOI International Community. Today SARGOI is a community of like-minded learners and teachers seeking growth opportunities through foreign languages. Its Concept Offices are presented in 4 cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Rivne, Kamianets-Podilsky- Vyshneve.
Now Anastasiya is based in Italy from where she keeps implementing the SARGOI mission by teaching, consulting, and writing her piece of art Dream & Start & Act.
Anastasiya’s mission is to help people grow personally and professionally through English or other foreign languages and with the help of international experience.

Anastasiya Rybak

Founder, DoS, Teacher Trainer

SARGOI International Community

Naples, Italy

Mobile: +39-388-724-41-34

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Introduction to the Book Dream & Start & Act

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