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The TKT Course (Module 1) How It Was...

Publication from Oksana Farion July 2, 2018.


Action, observation, reflection, convey, meaning, context, skills, focus on form, accuracy, part of speech, consolidation, extension, brainstorming, keywords, expose, pick up, recall, highlight, schwa, secondary stress, word boundaries, minimal pairs, exponent, level of formality, register and so on to infinity...

We are extremely fortunate… We - candidates for science, associate professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, masters and magistrants - during the last week of June trained with Anastasia Rybak, founder of the SARGOI International Community, Director of Educational Process and Internationally-Trained Teacher Trainer (Cambridge Assessment English)

We passed an intensive course from SARGOI International Community Training Center to prepare for the Cambridge Exams.


Module 1 of the internationally-recognized course TKT Course (Teaching Knowledge Test) ‘Language and Background to Language Learning and Teaching’ covered such concepts as:

- Descriptive terminology of the grammatical, phonetic and lexical systems of the English language, as well as speech functions;

- Skills and abilities of the four types of language activities (writing, listening, reading and speaking);

- The theoretical basis of mastering the language, and the fact that this process is influenced by: motivation; volume and methods of the presentation of linguistic material; presentation of grammatical constructions; and individual characteristics of the student (age, individual learning style and ability to perceive, strategy, availability of previous experience in learning a foreign language, etc.);

- Analysis of mistakes in the language of students;

- Individual needs of the student in the study of foreign languages;

- The theory of teaching a foreign language using various methods and techniques, namely: methods of presentation of new material, types of exercises and tasks, various types of control, etc.; and

- Methodological terminology for describing the educational process.


Anastasia presented sophisticated methodological terms and their definitions in extremely interesting, interactive forms. Work in groups, pairs, speaking, discussions, 'Fitness', 'Spelling Bee' and 'Reflection Bubbles' left no one indifferent! We were active participants in the study, the practical orientation of which has surpassed all our hopes. We will forever remember our roles: TKT Glossary Boss, Time Manager, Awesome Conclusion Maker, Thorough Proofreader, Ultra-Careful Note-Taker And Coordinator, Mysterious Inspector, Aha-Moment etc. Extremely interesting and entertaining lessons based on the latest European teaching techniques, lasted for three hours during six full days, and flew by imperceptibly for each of us.

Anastasiya created a team of friendly, non-indifferent, active, ready-to-grow teachers who are open to new modern methods of the European educators’ community. We are happy to be a modest part of it. Anastasiya taught us how to synthesize different methods of looking for new opportunities to improve the efficiency of training each student.

Our TKT group (Alla Hoptyar, Anna Zubik, Diana Bodnarchuk, Inna Mahovych, Irina Svider, Katerina Tymchuk, Natalia Melyekesceva, Natalya Slipachuk, Natalia Frasinyuk, Oleksandra Magdiy, Tatiana Mitrosova, Tetyana Olinets, Tetyana Storchova) are preparing to pass the certification at the end of July, with the knowledge we acquired from Module 1.

Again, need, variety, motivating, integrated skills, interaction patterns, subjective task, test-teaching-test, guided discovery, concept checking, PPP, TTT, STT, TBL, TPR, CLL, CLIL, learning strategies, feedback, paraphrasing , autonomous, maturity, developmental error, overgeneralization, etc.

Ladies and ladies, celebrate the moment! (Anastasiya Rybak)

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