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SARGOI congratulates the winners of our written challenge, which took place between December 10th and 20th, 2018, among the community's teens! The general theme of the challenge was 'Creativity Beyond the Borders' and it included the favorite subjects:

  • Art and Design
  • Literature and Culture
  • Business and Economics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences

Recall that during these 10 days, our participants from different corners of Ukraine competed daily, first of all, with themselves. The tasks posed required significant effort and self-organization, understanding of time management, the ability to find information quickly on the internet, as well as fast and thorough reading, research, writing and expression of independent thought. And of course, a creative attitude toward the challenge itself.

Thus, our participants applied themselves in preparation for the international intellectual Olympiad Owlypia, and felt the importance of active daily preparation.

Dear participants, each of you is a great young man and young woman! We are proud of your achievements, how you built relationships and studied your favorite subjects. We are grateful for your active participation, and for your formidable English.

Names and Photos of the Winners:

sasha 350

Oleksandr Koptiev

anastasya 350

Anastasia Shtifonova

artem 350

Artem Hnap

dasha 350

Daria Selezneva

hristina 350

Khristina Lontovskaya

luiza 350

Luis Dorofei

nazar 350

Nazar Mashtaler

nazariy 350

Nazari Prokopov

List of Tasks for the Challenge:


Day One  (10/12) - Art and Design

What is the best way to train young artists to be creative? Read and watch the resources, share your opinion in the group (up to 100 words)


Day Two  (11/12) - Science and Technology

Which one contributes more to innovation in science and technology: intelligence or creativity?


Day Three  (12/12) - Literature and Culture

How can creative thinking be taught or learned through literature?


Day Four  (13/12) - Business and Economics

Why do organisations need creativity?


Day Five  (14/12) - Social Sciences

What happens to the mind of the learner when a teacher or a parent begins by asking instead of telling?


Day Six  (15/12) - Art and Design

Do you listen to music in order to help yourself focus and be more creative?


Day Seven  (16/12) - Science and Technology

What technological and scientific innovations were inspired by science fiction?


Day Eight  (17/12) - Literature and Culture

If you were a teacher of literature, how would you build a culture of creativity in your classroom?


Day Nine  (18/12) - Business and Culture

Why is creativity so crucial for entrepreneurs?


Day Ten  (19/12) - Social Sciences

Do you believe that each person has the capacity to be creative? Why?

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