A cheat list of “HOW TO” with useful chunks or phrases while chatting online with your group mates:

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1) HOW TO inform group you are not in class today


Useful Language:


“Hi [group / gang / guys]! I [will / am afraid I’ll / am going to] be absent today…”

“... I [am not / haven’t been] feeling very good [at the moment / today / lately].”

“... My [son / daughter / family] has been sick.”

“... I have [a project to finish at work / a lesson I can’t miss / a family (or ‘an important’) engagement].”

“... I hope to see you for the next lesson!”


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2) HOW TO inform group you are late


Useful Language:


“I’m sorry, but I am [running late / going to be late] for our lesson [this / tomorrow] [morning / afternoon / evening]…”

“... I [had / have] [something / a few things] [to take care of / to handle] at [work / home / school]!”

“... I should [be there / see you] in about [ten / 30] minutes.” or “...around 5:45.”


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3) HOW TO ask about homework


Useful Language:


Before lesson: “Would someone be able to share the homework with me later tonight?”

“Would anyone mind letting me know later what our homework assignment is?”

After lesson: “Can anyone [tell me / fill me in on] what I missed in our lesson today?”

“Could someone let me know what assignment we have for the next lesson?”


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4) HOW TO  ask  /clarify questions


Useful Language:


“I’m not sure I understand [our assignment / question 7 / the goal / the instructions] correctly…”

“Did anyone else have a [question about / problem with] the [writing / reading / grammar / vocab] task?”

“Would someone mind [explaining the task to / sharing their understanding with / clarifying __ for] me?”

“Could anyone remind me [what our assignment for the next lesson was / what we said (or ‘agreed’) about __ / how we used __ in context / what example of __ we discussed]?”


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5) HOW TO wish recovery


Useful Language:


“I’m sorry to hear that!”

“That’s too bad!”

“I hope [you (all) feel / she feels] better soon!”

“Get well soon!”

“We’ll [look forward to seeing / be happy to see] you again [soon / when you’re feeling better]!”

“Take care of yourself!”

“Get plenty of rest!”


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6) HOW TO say that you are missing English, peers, etc


Useful Language:


“I’ll be glad to see you [guys / all] again soon!”

“I wish I could be there!”

“I’ll [be studying on my own / try to keep up from home]!”

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